Invest in our fall protection systems for construction sites

Working in construction can mean that your team are working at great heights and with this can come added risks. Whilst you may do all you can to ensure they have the right training and safety measures put in place, adding our fall protection systems to their working day can make the world of difference.

Our TS2 is the larger option and is made for haulage, lorry and trailer fall protection, and can be used for those in construction.

Designed to offer a soft landing should your workers fall from a great height, you can easily install our fall protection system in a matter of minutes. Not only are they able to withstand wet environments, but they are UV resistant and are easily transported.

Why choose us?

At Safety Pack Ltd our fall protection systems are designed to last over 10 years, and are stackable when not in use- giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

We have been protecting workers from falls for over 15 years are always continuing our research and further developing our products so you can have peace of mind when working from great heights.

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