Choosing the right equipment is crucial in order to protect worker safety, especially when working at heights in the utilities sector.

Working at heights is work that a person may fall a distance capable of causing personal injury if precautions are not taken: Work on roofs, wind turbines, pylon poles, scaffolding, aerial work platforms, roof tops, ladders, construction sites, logistical centers and modes of transportation.


Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems for Utilities Companies

PAS 59:2014 compliant fall protection solutions from Fall-Pac can safeguard you against falls, injuries, and loss.

Overhead line work, pole climbing, and confined space entry are just a few of the various duties covered by utilities companies. In addition to a wide selection of fall protection systems, there are also varying demands for rescue and emergency supplies.

We Can Help to  Solve Major Safety Risks on Your Utilities Project

Once you have identified hazards and assessed risks we can provide you with suitable fall arrest solutions. We may also provide training for your staff since each different type of working at height necessitates a unique level of expertise.


PAS 59:2014 Compliant Fall Protection Equipment for Your Utilities Company

There are many forms of infrastructure and solutions required to meet the needs of utilities companies, but one thing is constant: the need for clear fall protection plans and user-friendly systems.

Fall protection not only keeps your employees safe while also ensuring that your operation is HSE compliant, it also aids in the continuity of your business.

Standard Safety Procedures for Utilities Companies

There are certain standard maintenance procedures that must be followed in order for your business to function. The processes frequently require workers to work above ground often from an elevated platform.

Working on a roof, walking across a catwalk, or climbing a ladder to reach the operator’s position to perform their task whether it’s servicing pumps, valves, turbines, or motors is an example of this.

In all of these situations, fall protection is necessary. When it comes to designing systems for our power and utility clients, Fall-Pac takes pleasure in comprehending the user’s demands and operational processes. Our vast experience allows us to propose solutions that do not disrupt daily operations while at the same time providing benefits that make their job easier.

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Other Industries We Serve

At Fall-Pac, we’re dedicated to bringing the best fall protection equipment possible to our customers. We’re committed to providing cutting-edge, scientifically backed safety goods and a personalised service that helps businesses grow via occupational safety. Our soft fall arrest systems have benefited a wide range of industries. Have a look below at some of the industries we service:



Fall-Pac has been protecting workers from heights since 2004 and has worked with many of the UK’s largest house builders and construction firms.

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Fall-Pac’s Transport Safety System range has been specifically designed to protect workers from the risks associated with the haulage and transport industries.

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Fall-pac works with a number of clients within the Aerospace industry. The flexibility and manoeuvrability of the Fall-pac unit makes it ideal for use in this industry where space is at a premium.

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Port Authorities

Our units are used by a number of leading Port Authorities to provide additional protection to contractors and employees working on-site.

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Most recently our Fall-Pac units have been used on well-known film sets, offering on set protection for the stunt teams during filming.

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Our Fall-Pac units are used frequently in the utilities sector to ensure the safety of their contractors and employees.

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