Port Authorities

We offer a broad range of fall protection solutions and fall arrest systems to port authorities to keep you compliant and your workers safe.

Working at height accidents in ports include falls from containers and the tops of vehicles, as well as the need for safe rescue and evacuation equipment from cranes. If fall arrest equipment is being utilised, it’s vital to select a technique that will minimise harm, such as Fall-Pac’s fall arrest bags that may be removed after the task is finished.

The Safety Challenges Faced in Port Authorities

Ports are frequently difficult workplaces. You may be handling a variety of goods and operating with people from many countries. Why not be in control of the fall arrest provisions where language doesn’t create a barrier as the fall arrest systems are passively installed.

Work in ports is done at all hours of the day and night, and it’s never too hot or humid. There are regularly demands to load or unload a ship’s cargo as soon as possible to take advantage of a tide or clear a pier.

Drivers on the road for business want to pick up or drop off their shipment as quickly as feasible and return to the highway.

It’s an exciting but also a high-risk industry, due to these reasons. Every shifting condition generates new safety concerns.

To manage these dangers effectively, businesses must put in place appropriate health and safety measures for fall protection and fall arrest.

Fall Protection for Falls From Height

Many of the tasks carried out at ports can result in a fall from height. These activities may happen on a daily basis or during one-time maintenance operations.

Working near water adds an increased risk of death when working in ports since to the danger of drowning. Due to this, it’s important to use work equipment that minimises the distance and potential injuries of a fall, such as nets, airbags, fall arrest systems, or other measures. We offer all of these solutions and would be happy to hear from you.

Typical Falls From Height Hazards in Port Authorities

  • Access to and from vessels by accommodation ladders and gangways.
  • Container-top working – lashing and unlashing containers, use of slewing jib
  • cranes.
  • Access to and from places of work onboard vessels (holds, hatches, decks etc).
  • Falls from vehicles during loading/unloading and sheeting.
  • Falls from car transporters.
  • Maintenance work.
  • Unloading some types of cargo, such as pipework, timber packs etc, can result in open edges from ships’ decks, passages and from the cargo itself.
  • Working adjacent to open edges of docks, wharves etc.

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Other Industries We Serve

At Fall-Pac, we’re dedicated to bringing the best fall protection equipment possible to our customers. We’re committed to providing cutting-edge, scientifically backed safety goods and a personalised service that helps businesses grow via occupational safety. Our fall protection and height safety gear has benefited a wide range of industries. Have a look below at some of the industries we service:



Fall-Pac has been protecting workers from heights since 2004 and has worked with many of the UK’s largest house builders and construction firms.

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Fall-Pac’s Transport Safety System range has been specifically designed to protect workers from the risks associated with the haulage and transport industries.

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Fall-pac works with a number of clients within the Aerospace industry. The flexibility and manoeuvrability of the Fall-pac unit makes it ideal for use in this industry where space is at a premium.

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Port Authorities

Our units are used by a number of leading Port Authorities to provide additional protection to contractors and employees working on-site.

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Most recently our Fall-Pac units have been used on well-known film sets, offering on set protection for the stunt teams during filming.

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Our Fall-Pac units are used frequently in the utilities sector to ensure the safety of their contractors and employees.

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