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Bulk Bags (FIBC) are described as bags that are usually white and are made of woven polypropylene that can be used for transporting bulk materials.

What makes them unique is the fact that they have a lot of properties such as being unbreakable, inexpensive and easy to use.

The material is very sturdy and its threads intertwine which increases the strength and durability of these bags. Since they can carry heavy products and objects, they tend to be used by many industries around the world especially those who deal with cement, sand, fertilisers and more problem-solving materials.

The best part about our bulk bags is that there are no restrictions as to how one may use them. They can be placed on pallets as well as on trucks, buckets or any other product that can hold some weight.

Bulk Bags – Overview


Product Specifications


Fall-Pac Unit

The most versatile and most popular fall landing bag.

Fall-Pac UnitView Product

Fall-Pac Air

Fall-Pac’s air-pocket filled units offer a new, cost-effective and reliable solution to fall protection.

Fall-Pac AirView Product

TS1 Unit

The most compact Fall-Pac fall protection

TS1 UnitView Product

TS2 Unit

The larger version of the TS1 – the TS2 is made for haulage, lorry and trailer fall protection

TS2 UnitView Product

Fall Arrest Stillage

Our stillage equipment ensures that your fall landing bags stand the test of time.

Fall Arrest StillageView Product