The transportation industry is rife with danger, and fall protection on trucks and railcars is crucial but frequently neglected.

Workers in the transportation and logistics industry frequently must board flatbed trailers or train cars to secure the cargo or remove tarps and other securing items before unloading. Without adequate fall protection, they are at risk of serious injury or death in the event of a misstep or other accident.

How Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems Help the Logistics Industry

Fall protection for trucks, buses, and railcars is critical yet frequently neglected since fall risks in the transportation and trucking industries concentrate on loading and unloading areas as well as maintenance facilities. 

Workers frequently need to board flatbed trucks or railway cars to secure the cargo or remove tarps and other securing materials before unloading. They are at risk of serious injury or death if they aren’t provided with adequate fall protection in the event of a misstep or other accident.

The Leading Manufacturer of Logistics Fall Protection Systems

Fall-Pac are the leading manufacturer of fall arrest and fall protection systems for the logistics and transport industry. Whether by purchase or hire, we help thousands of clients across the globe to protect their workers and uphold compliance for work safety.

Our fall arrest solutions are an affordable and versatile system that’s frequently employed in transport vehicle unloading and maintenance. Our TS1 and TS2 systems offer a modular approach to fall arrest with the Transport industry in mind. So make sure you’re covering yourself, and more importantly your workers, today!

Fall-Pac’s Experience with Fall Protection in the Transportation Industry

Maintenance Facilities – The greatest fall danger in maintenance facilities is generally when a worker requires access to the roof. The pantograph, or “pan” on the locomotive roof, for electric trains on routes with overhead lines is held up by compressed air pressure, for example. Preventative maintenance must be done on a regular basis, and some of it may only be done on the locomotive roof.

For this situation, if the worker can access the roof near the pan and does not need access to the rest of the roof, an inexpensive single-point anchor with a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) might be the only fall arrest system needed. Where access to the top of the entire locomotive in needed, the optimal solution might be either a cable or track horizontal lifeline. If an overhead crane prevents the use of a truss-mounted lifeline, a fold-away system could be used.

Inspections, Certification and Training – We offer complete examination and certification of our Fall-Pac fall protection systems, as well as any required maintenance, repair. We can also provide training for new employees and refresher courses for experienced staff on a regular basis.

Other Areas – Maintenance facilities often have rooftop HVAC, communication, and other equipment near the edge that may expose maintenance staff to a fall hazard. Guardrails and fall arrest bags are typically the greatest protection for these spaces when they can be avoided. A fall arrest or restraint system could also be created to give the desired safety when a guardrail is not feasible. Any skylights, roof hatches, or similar features should be equipped with a barrier or cover to prevent people from accidentally falling through them.


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Other Industries We Serve

At Fall-Pac, we’re dedicated to bringing the best fall protection equipment possible to our customers. We’re committed to providing cutting-edge, scientifically backed safety goods and a personalised service that helps businesses grow via occupational safety. Our soft arrest systems have a wide range of industries. Have a look below at some of the industries we service:



Fall-Pac has been protecting workers from heights since 2004 and has worked with many of the UK’s largest house builders and construction firms.

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Fall-Pac’s Transport Safety System range has been specifically designed to protect workers from the risks associated with the haulage and transport industries.

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Fall-pac works with a number of clients within the Aerospace industry. The flexibility and manoeuvrability of the Fall-pac unit makes it ideal for use in this industry where space is at a premium.

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Port Authorities

Our units are used by a number of leading Port Authorities to provide additional protection to contractors and employees working on-site.

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Most recently our Fall-Pac units have been used on well-known film sets, offering on set protection for the stunt teams during filming.

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Our Fall-Pac units are used frequently in the utilities sector to ensure the safety of their contractors and employees.

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