Fall Arrest Stillage

Fall-Pac is the solution for any business that needs extra safety when working at height. Our stillage equipment ensures that your fall landing bags stand the test of time.

Maximum performance and ease of use | Built to store and transport 15 Fall-pac fall units

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When you invested in Fall-pac fall protection, you invested wisely. You should make sure that your Fallpac units last, as they should, for more than 10 years of safe use.

Fall-Pac’s stillage equipment ensures that you get the maximum performance and ease of use from your Fall-Pac fall protection – saving you time and money. Our bespoke stillages have been designed to store and transport Fall-Pac units, ensuring stillages fit our products’ exact dimensions. Measuring 2m in length, 2.5m in height and 2m wide (externally) also with loops and detachable rachet strap for safe handling and storage, a Fallpac stillage can transport 15 of our fall protection units with ease.

The demountable poles and fork lift guides ensure that Fall-Pac stillage equipment provides the perfect storage and inter-site transport solution.

A fork lift truck is recommended for loading and unloading onto wagons.

Fall-Pac Fall Protection – Stillage – Overview


Product Specifications

Size: 2M x 2M x 2.5M

Store 15 Units

Last over 10 years

Stackable when not in use


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Fall Arrest Stillage

Our stillage equipment ensures that your fall landing bags stand the test of time.

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