fall-pac unit

Fall pac fall protection unit

  • Dimensions: 2.5M x 0.644M x 0.644M
  • Area Covered: 1.61M2
  • Working Height: 2.7M
  • Fall-Pac’s polystyrene-filled units offer the perfect solution to a range of soft fall protection requirements.
  • Available in: Polystrene Filled
TS1 Fall-Pac Fall Protection


  • Dimensions: 2.5M x 1.8M x 0.644M
  • Area Covered: 4.5M2
  • Working Height: 2.7M
  • Created for the transport sector the TS1 is now used in film, aviation, transport and ports
  • Available in: Air Pockets and Polystrene Filled
TS2 Fall-Pac Fall Protection


  • Dimensions: 2.5M x 1.8M x 1.3M
  • Area Covered: 4.5M2
  • Working Height: 3.5M
  • The TS2 is a larger version of the TS1 unit and is used for concrete pillars, ports, transport and powerstations.
  • Available in: Air Pockets and Polystrene Filled
air pocket fall arrest bags

Fall-pac Air

  • Dimensions: 2M x 0.644 x 0.644
  • Area Covered: 1.28M2
  • Working Height: 2.7M
  • Fall-Pac’s air-pocket filled units offer a new, cost-effective and reliable solution to fall protection.

  • Available in: Air Pockets Only


We’ve been protecting those working at height since 2004, with fall arrest systems that we believe are the safest available.

Fall-Pac’s team is passionate about safety, with unmatched knowledge in fall arrest. Our polystyrene and air-pocket fall arrest bags have been continually designed and developed, with every component scientifically researched and rigorously tested to ensure our products can withstand the toughest of working environments.

Easy installation, fast despatch and helpful, practical advice from our team makes Fall-Pac the trusted fall arrest system of choice for some of the biggest names in industry.

Scientifically researched & highly developed solutions
Fully recycled by Fall-Pac after use
Monthly in-house testing & published test data
On-site training & inspections
Tailored solutions for specific industry needs
Conforms to latest BSI PAS59:2014 standards
Carl portrait

Carl J. Parker

Group Managing Director

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