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We are Fall-Pac, the height safety specialists. We make innovative, scientifically backed height safety equipment for fall protection. 

We give customers the best service possible. Our products have helped many companies across a wide variety of industries reduce risk to their workers whilst fulfilling their regulatory obligations for those working at height.


Originally the core focus and market for soft fall arrest systems, the construction industry remains Fall-Pacs key target. With 50% of all fatalities (in the last five years) within the construction industry being a result of falls from height, we see it as our goal to offer robust and reliable solutions to reduce this sobering statistic. Through innovation and stringent testing protocols, Fall-Pac remains the soft fall arrest industry leader and product of choice for construction companies throughout the country.

Fall-Pac has been protecting workers from heights since 2004 and has worked with many of the UK’s largest house builders and construction companies. Our expertise and unique testing facility allows us to continuously develop our range of fall arrest systems to ensure that they meet stringent health and safety requirements.

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The transportation industry needs to follow best practices for fall protection.

Transportation fall protection on trucks and railcars is critical but increasingly neglected, as loading and unloading areas and maintenance facilities in the sector are prone to falls but often don’t offer the necessary infrastructure to provide means of fall prevention, by means of harnesses and lanyards. Fall-Pacs Transport Safety Systems 1 and 2 offer the ideal solution for the unique challenges present in the transport sector

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Over the past two decades Fall-Pacs fall arrest solutions have enabled flexible solutions to the Civil and Defence aerospace sectors

For expert advice on your fall arrest and fall protection needs in the aerospace industry, contact us.

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Port Authorities

Many of the operations performed at ports/docks have the potential to result in a fall from height.

These operations may take place during routine activities, maintenance work, or unanticipated or unscheduled events. Port authorities typically utilise fall arrest systems on hulls of ships and surrounding unloading areas. These safety systems are applied very well to areas where harnesses and lanyards cannot be easily installed and/or are within a confined space. More often than not however they are used in combination with harness systems.

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When a cast, crew, or production member is required to work at a height, a suitably reliable fall arrest solution should be implemented to allow flexibility of the surrounding environment whilst providing adequate mitigating measures against falls from heights.

Fall protection should be considered when working at a height, setting up or taking down stages, lights and sound systems as well for stunt work .

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There are certain precautions that every utility professional and employer can implement to improve the standards of safety — starting with fall protection equipment.

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