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    TS2 Unit

    Our TS2 units have been specifically designed for cargo and lorry work. The TS2's revolutionary outer casing system delivers added protection to those working at height in the transportation industry - ensuring the safety of personnel.

    The TS2 units are ideal for use around trailers, sitting flush with the bed of the trailer or dock leveller the units will add an extra 2.5m (footage space) to either side and or back, dramatically reducing the risk of injury from falls.

    On-site installation is simple with our unique one-click interlocking clip system and easy to follow installation guides means workers can be protected in a matter of minutes.

    TS2 lorry units conform to the latest HSE Regulations and British Standards PAS59 guidelines and are also routinely tested at our unique in-house testing facility in Wigan. Manufactured in the UK, our TS2 units are constructed from a high quality woven polypropylene outer casing that includes built-in UV inhibitors and a protective coating to reduce the risk of water ingress; a specially modified polystyrene is contained within.

    • Offers fall protection of up to 3.5m metres
    • In-house monthly drop-testing ensures consistency
    • UV inhibitors keep the product stronger for longer
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    TS2 Unit Features

    • Size : 2.5M X 1.8M x 1.2M
    • Weight 20 - 30 Kg
    • Working height : 5M
    • Available in Air Pockets and Polystrene Filled
    • UV resistant
    • Fire retardant
    • Recyclable

    Our TS1 and TS2 units hava Male & Female clips on each point for ease of use

    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q: How do I know your units will cover the working height advertised ?

    A: We perform an external drop test everytime a legislation or new PAS is released or every 5 years we also do monthly drop tests at different heights and different scenarios.

    Q: Are polystrene units illegal due to fire risk?

    A: No our polystrene units have been tested and passed BS5852 0 and 1 as standard also crib 5 with additional spray (please contact us for more information)

    Q: How long till I get my units ?

    A: Fall-pac aims for a 48 hour despatch from point of order