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    For any business buying or hiring Fall-Pac units; employee training is essential to ensure a successful Fall-Pac installation. Here at Safety Pack Limited we can provide coaching days for employees from the very first time you buy from the Fall-Pac protection safety range. We are also able to offer follow-up training for new employees stay up-to date with the latest HSE regulations...

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    Here at Safety Pack Limited we take being environmentally friendly seriously. Going green or being environmentally friendly is a rewarding challenge and objective for any modern day business and that's why our recycling service has been designed to make it as convenient as possible for our clients to recycle each Fall-Pac unit once it has reached the end of its life-cycle.

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    For any business buying or hiring Fall-Pac units; correct installation and regular inspections are an essential part of keeping your employees safe. With correct installation and maintenance the average lifespan of a Fall-Pac unit is around 5 years; nearly double that of many other soft-fall systems on the market.

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    Our Inter-site management service delivers the perfect solution for any multi-site soft Fall-protection project. Whether you are managing a multi-site project or looking to move your Fall-Pac units from one location to another location elsewhere in the UK, our experienced team are on hand to manage the project for you from start to finish.

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    Fall-Pac's headquarters in Wigan are home to the UK's only independent on-site testing facility for fall protection units. Our state of the art testing facility allows us to stay one step ahead of the competition by performing regular, extensive safety checks on our products to ensure they meet requirements - giving our customers 100% peace of mind.

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    Keep up to date with all the latest news in soft fall protection covering industry news, legislation updates, product innovation and the Fall-Pac safety blog.

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    Q: Do you have distributors in Ireland?

    A:Yes, we do; all our distributors contact details are available on request.

    Q: How often do I need to check my units?

    A: We recommend a yearly on-site inspection where one of our trained Inspectors will come out to your site and inspect the units. He will mark what is fit for use and what is not. We do offer a recycling service for old/failed units and we also offer refills.

    Q: Should there be gap in-between units?

    A: No, when the units are clipped together, the straps will pull the units to create a mat type surface, there should be no gaps, and if there is then the units are underfilled and may need refilling.