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    Construction Fall Protection Systems Image


    Fall-Pac has been protecting workers from heights since 2004 and has worked with many of the UK's largest house builders and construction firms. Our expertise and unique testing facility allows us to continuously develop our range of fall arrest systems to ensure that they meet stringent health and safety requirements.

    Transport Fall Protection Systems Image


    Filling a need for the transport industry; Fall-Pac's Transport Safety System range has been specifically designed to protect workers from the risks associated with the haulage and transport industries. Our TS1 and TS2 units are used by a number of national haulage companies to safeguard their employees from injury.

    Aerospace Fall Protection Systems Image


    Fall-pac works with a number of clients within the Aerospace industry. The flexibility and maneuverability of the Fall-pac unit makes it ideal for use in this industry where space is at a premium and employees often need to work freely without the added restrictions that can be association with harnesses.

    Port Authorities Fall Protection Systems Image

    Port Authorities

    Our units are used by a number of leading Port Authorities to provide additional protection to contractors and employees working on-site.

    The compact, lightweight units are ideal for use in areas that have been previously difficult to work in with other fall protection systems.

    Film and Stunt Fall Protection Systems Image


    The adaptability of the Fall-Pac unit means that they can be anywhere where there is a risk of falling from heights.

    Most recently our Fall-Pac units have been used on well-known film sets, offering on set protection for the stunt teams during filming.

    Utilities Fall Protection Systems Image


    Our Fall-Pac units are used frequently in the utilities sector to ensure the safety of their contractors and employees.

    Due to the units hard-wearing but simple nature, they will provide instant safety for anyone who is working at heights.

    Dont leave it to chance use fall-pac

    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q: Can you drop tools onto the units?

    A: No, any sharp objects dropped on to the unit could rip the skin resulting in the filling being exposed or even displacing out of the unit. Rips or tears larger than 2cm would result in a failed unit.

    Q: What is the drop height?

    A: The Fall-Pac units have been tested at BRE to a drop height of 2.7m, however, we have internally tested to up to 3m.

    Q: Are the units stackable ?

    A: If the drop height is over 2.7m up to 3.5m we recommend that the units be double layered this is called an elevated surface. We don’t recommend any more than 2 layers.