Work with confidence and safety with the help of our temporary fall arrest system

Whatever industry you work in, if you or your staff work at heights, it’s vital to invest in a system that ensures they’re safe if the worst is to happen.

At Safety Pack Ltd our Fall Arrest Units is designed to stand the test of time. Designed to last over 5 years using high grade uv inhibited polypropylene.

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Our fall arrest units find uses in a myriad of applications:

  • The Fall-pac Unit – Our most versatile and popular fall landing bag
  • The TS1 – The most compact Fall-pac fall protection which is designed for protection when loading and unloading flat bed vehicles
  • The TS2 – The larger version of the TS1 when the height of over 3m becomes a problem, for use up to 6m from the ground.
  • Polystyrene Fall Arrest units by Fall-Pac
  • Air cell Fall Arrest units by Fall-Pac

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