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    Fall Arrest Stillage

    Fall-Pac's fall arrest bag stillage equipment ensures that you get the maximum performance and ease of use from your Fall-Pac units. Our bespoke stillages have been designed to store and transport Fall-Pac units, ensuring stillages fit our products’ exact dimensions.

    Store and transport 20 Fall-Pac units, with demountable poles and fork lift guides providing the perfect storage and inter-site transport solution.

    Fall-Pac is the solution for any business that needs extra safety when working at heights.

    Fall-Pac's stillage equipment ensures that you get the maximum performance from your Fall-Pac units, saving you time and money, and our stillages have been specially designed to store and transport our Fall-Pac units.

    The stillage dimensions are (externally) 2.7m in length, 3.3m in height and 2.3m wide. They can store and transport 20 of our Fall-Pac units with ease. Therefore, providing the perfect storage and intersite solution.

    Our Fall-Pac steel Stillage will last over 10 years if stored in a dry place. A fork lift truck is recommended for loading and unloading onto wagons.

    fall-pac stillage image

    Stillage Features

    • Size : 2.7M X 3.3M x 2.3M
    • Store 20 units
    • Painted Yellow for visibility
    • Last over 10 years
    • Stackable when not in use

    Store 20 units in a stillage

    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q: How much are they? ?

    A: The units range in price depending on the number of units required.

    Q: Do you offer accounts?

    A: We can offer accounts when they have been approved by our Factoring company, we also offer a pro-forma basis and we accept credit cards.

    Q: What is a stillage?

    A: A stillage is a form of storage for the Fall-pac units. It holds around 20 units at once. (These are only supplied from our Wigan Branch)