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    What the law says...

    As an employer, your legal obligations can be summarised as taking suitable and sufficient measures to protect your staff. Yet in practice there are many rules and regulations surrounding working at height that can be easily, and accidentally, breached.

    Your duty as an employer is to prevent any person falling. Where fall prevention is impractical, you must act to ensure that the height and consequences of a fall are minimised.

    Our Fall-Pac soft fall arrest systems comply with the latest HSE Work at Height Regulations and conform to the British standards PAS59.

    In addition to the rigorous testing programme at the HSL laboratory in Buxton, all of our units are routinely tested for performance and compliance in our unique in-house testing facility.

    The Building Research Establishment (BRE) is a former UK government establishment that carries out research, consultancy and testing for the construction and built environment sectors in the United Kingdom. Most recently we have again tested our units at BRE and met the requirements stated in PAS59.

    All Test Data is available on request.

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    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q:Where should the TS2 be used?

    A:The TS2 System was developed for the transport sector but has found many uses from protecting worker building film sets, under aeroplanes and helecopters, removing the fall heights from loading and unloading ships and also for loading and unloading wagons.

    Q: I use a competitors products which are now damaged can you help?

    A: Fall-Pac believes in helping the enviroment where ever possible this also means recycling not just ours but also our competitors products we recycle over 98% of the product to reduce landfill waste contact us for more information

    Q: Do you hire?

    A: You can hire our fall-pac units from 99p per unit per week, you can also hire our TS1 and TS2 systems as well