In this article we’re going to explore why fall bags are the best solution for breaking falls from height. 

We’ll also inspect the several different working conditions and the necessary fall bag equipment needed to carry out working from height in the safest possible way.

Table of contents:

    Using The Right Equipment For The Job

    Different sorts of work necessitate different types of safety precautions.

    As a result, when working at height, you must be properly equipped with the correct equipment to accomplish the task at hand.

    Over the years we have seen drastic change in the way things are done and the measures that need to be followed.

    We will be further expanding more specifically into the creation of fall bags and why they are the best solution for breaking falls from height.

    With so many different working environments, operations and equipment, it can be a challenge ensuring you have the correct measures for fall protection in place.

    Therefore, it is essential to know exactly what type of equipment is needed for the task at hand.

    What Are Fall Bags?

    Before we get into the specifics of different types of fall protection and variants, let’s first define what a fall protection system is in the context of industrial safety.

    Fall protection systems include any safety equipment that protects workers from falling from dangerous heights when working at height. Fall bags are put into place not to prevent people from falling but to cushion and catch the individual once they have fallen from such a height. This drastically reduces fatalities in any work space where working from height is concerned.

    All sectors should invest in the most appropriate fall protection equipment for the task at hand. Fall bags have been proven, scientifically and time and time again, to reduce injuries or fatalities when falling from height in the workplace.

    However, investing in the correct protective equipment isn’t enough on its own.

    Professionals in the construction and forestry industries should have their equipment checked for fall protection on a regular basis to ensure that it is still operational.

    Why Are Fall Bags The Best Solution For Breaking Falls From Height?

    Fall bags provide an excellent fall protection solution without posing any major obstruction during work.

    They are deemed the best height fall protection system, because they allow workers to fall at speed, absorb impact and distribute fall energy.

    Due to their size, fall bags are easy to transport and store when not in use. They should be stored away somewhere safe yet easily accessible.

    There’s a difference between fall restraint systems and fall protection systems.

    Fall restraint systems are appropriate when carrying out work close to ledges/ drop off points ay height.

    When working in this environment, risk of fall significantly increases.

    Inspection of suitable equipment varies, depending on the work space.

    The following are some of the advantages and reasons as to why fall bags are the best solution for breaking falls from height.

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    Minimises Risk Of Injury

    When performing work at height, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommends using a tower scaffold to avoid a fall.

    However, most of them are poorly built and misused, resulting to a unnecessary tally of incidents each year.

    If a construction employee were to fall from a tower scaffold, they would almost certainly sustain a significant injury or death.

    Then injury being generated from the force / contact on the hard surface that’s lays of the foot of the tower.

    This is where the introduction of fall bags would be sensible.

    Fall bags minimise the risk of injury as they are designed to provide a safe cushioned landing, absorbing the weight of a fall without causing major injury.

    The fall bags are placed on the fall zone to soften the fall, preventing incapacitating injury.

    Fall bags are suitable for work at height in all areas of industry.

    Moreover, they can save you money. There is no need for big investments as fall bags are affordable and can have a high return on investment when used properly, especially when considering the fines company’s can be hit with for not protecting their workers properly in the workplace.

    Allows For Harness Free Working

    Using fall bags, workers can confidently.

    All workers know the pain irritation of trying to execute a job when you have endless amount of harnesses and cables in your face.

    Work harness-free – give you greater freedom to move around and handle tools and materials.

    This not only will create a better work environment but therefore should result in improved quality of work.

    Ease Of Installation And Cost-Effectiveness

    Fall bags are prefilled with pockets of air, making them far easier and quicker to put up than the series of safety equipment infrastructure.

    They also provide a cost-saving solution.

    The installation time for an air cushion fall protection systems is around 15 minutes.

    However, constructing scaffolding or decking systems takes hours of effort.

    In addition, you’ll no longer be requiring a scaffolders diploma.

    Basic practical training and a simple theory test will sign you off for fall bag installation.

    The Impact-Bull Fall Protection System has a fall arrest height of 3.1m from finished floor level to working height.

    The system can revolutionise the way projects at height are done.

    Protecting workers who work in properties with higher ceilings, roofs etc.

    There’s a difference between fall restraint systems and fall protection systems.

    Fall restraint systems are appropriate when carrying out work close to ledges/ drop off points ay height.

    When working in this environment, risk of fall significantly increases.

    When Should I Use Fall Bags?

    Put simply, when you are working on a fragile surface such.

    Examples include: near roof-lights, on older roof surfaces or on a narrow ledge, fall bags will likely your best solution for breaking falls from height.

    The introduction of fall bags help remove the anxiety you might have when working at height.

    Commonly this entails the consideration of when and where you may actually fall.

    More people fall through fragile roofs than from the edge.

    The fall protection systems should be used with suitable personal protective equipment that is required for the work space .

    You must either have the required training or ensure that your employees and contractors get it themselves.

    A rescue plan is also necessary, which assures that the individual who falls can be retrieved as soon as possible.

    Choosing The Right Fall Protection Solution

    It’s important to note that the fall bags don’t stop the fall completely.

    They utilise a shock absorber to lessen the shock and impact experienced.

    When choosing your fall protection system it’s important to take into consideration the following:

    The size, shape and strength of the structure you’ll be working on.

    You should consider the position of the anchor point.

    Also taking into account and the fall distance an operator will travel, should they fall.

    As an employer or duty of care holder.

    It’s your responsibility to ensure the appropriate measures are in place to prevent injury or death from falling.

    It’s therefore important to make sure you’re educated in your decision.

    This way, you can ensure the protection system you provide is suitable for your work environment.

    All while staying compliant with the Working at Height regulations.

    Protect yourself and your employees at work.

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