8th August 2016

Keeping your safety equipment well maintained and cared for is vital in any line of business. Having in place an effective maintenance and storage programme will not only help prevent accidents and injuries to your employees, but it can also extend the life of your equipment and so makes economic sense.

Taking correct care of safety equipment

Safety equipment is designed to keep you and your employees safe while on the job, so it makes sense that absolute care and attention should be paid to all aspects of that equipment, not least storage. Correct and proper storage of safety equipment is as important as how you use it.

Failure to store safety equipment as per the manufacturers guidelines can result in many problems, not least:

Damage – Storing equipment incorrectly can potentially damage it, especially if left for long periods of time. As we have touched on already, it can reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of equipment and put lives in danger.

Harder to set up next time – If safety equipment has been stored incorrectly, employees may find it harder to set up when next required. It may be packed incorrectly or or a key component of the equipment has become hidden. If these are missed by the employee setting up the equipment next time, it could lead to mistakes and render the safety equipment useless.

Transportation – Safety equipment is often large and bulky. Storing this incorrectly can make it incredibly difficult to move to and from jobs, and also post safety problems in itself during transportation. Correct storage should always take in to consideration provisions for transporting that equipment.

Fall-Pac’s stillage provides the perfect storage solution for the Fall-Pac units. It has been designed specifically for Fall-Pac units and so we know that is the optimum storage solution for Fall-Pac.

When our clients store their Fall-Pac units in the Stillage, we know that you will be increasing the likelihood of your units reaching the average lifespan of 5 years, which is already double many of our competitor products on the market. The Stillage itself will last for up to ten years if stored properly and is also perfect for safely transporting between sites. We recommend using a fork lift truck for loading on and off vehicles.

Essential maintenance of safety equipment

Maintenance of safety equipment goes beyond storage and is absolutely vital. It helps keep the equipment safe and reliable and ensures it is always ready for employees to use.

We maintained safety equipment will allow for it to be used safely and efficiently and so cuts down the likelihood of injuries and accidents if used as instructed to do so.

Failure to maintain safety equipment can have serious repercussion. The biggest and most immediate concern is for that of the welfare of your employees whose fitness and health relies on your equipment being properly maintained. Injuries or less of life attributed to faulty or poorly maintained safety equipment will fall to the feet of the employer.

There are also legal obligations when it comes to the proper maintenance of safety equipment. Four UK laws cover this area, with the Health and Safety at Work Act being the most prominent. This states the responsibilities that employers have to ensure the workplace stays safe.

The provision and Use of Work ~Equipment Regulations 1998 also covers the maintenance of equipment. Employers must ensure an efficient maintenance programme so that equipment is in a good and safe working order. Keeping a maintenance log is a vital part of this.

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