21st January 2017

The need for some form of a fall protection system is present in many industrial sectors. One of the industries in which fall protection is essential in the transportation and cargo industry, where the risk of a fall from height is a constant feature in the working day of drivers and their assistants. Of course, not all potential falls in the transport industry are from the same height and it therefore necessary to provide more than one fall protection solution. In order to achieve this, Fall-Pac has developed two transport system fall protection products, the TS1 and the TS2. In this article, we take a closer look at the specifications and uses of each of these two products.

The TS1

Fall-Pac’s TS1 fall protection unit is the smaller of their soft fall protection systems for the transport industry – for which it was specifically designed. It is especially suitable for use with dock levellersd and trailers. The system offers protection, for drivers and other personnel, from falls from heights of up 2.7 metres. Weighing around 20kg, the TS1 fall protection system is easy both to transport and install and was also designed with flexibility in mind. Its one-click interlocking clip system enables the addition, repositioning or removal of modules quickly and easily. The TS1 unit is also UV resistant, fire retardant, made from recyclable materials and, when properly maintained and stored, has a working life of five years.

The TS2

The TS2, which is the larger of Fall-Pac’s soft fall protection systems for the transport industry, is particularly suitable for cargo and lorry work-and is ideal for anyone who works at height in the industry. The TS2 fall protection system provides protection from falls from heights of up to 3.44m and weighs approximately 40kg. Especially suited for providing fall protection around trailers and dock levelers, the TS2 unit will sit flush with the trailer or dock leveller bed, offering a significant reduction in the risk of injury from a fall from either side or back. The TS2 unit also benefits from the one-click interlocking system, enabling quick and easy on-site installation.

The TS1 and TS2 Product Range

The TS1 and TS2 Product Range

Common Features of Fall-Pac’s TS1 and TS2 product range are that they both:

  • Comply with the latest Health and Safety Executive Regulations and British Standards PAS59 guidelines
  • Are manufactured in the UK
  • Are subjected to regular testing in our own in-house facility
  • Have high quality outer casings made from a woven polypropylene, which offers protection against water infiltration
  • Contain a specially modified polystyrene within
  • Are available on either rental or purchase basis
  • Are accompanied by a complete range of support services including preliminary product advice and assistance, training, support, on-site inspections and delivery/collection to/from site.

As with all Fall-Pac’s fall protection systems, the TS1 and the TS2 soft fall protection units were designed and manufactured with the safety of personnel working within the cargo and transportation industry at the forefront of our minds and they provide versatile and bespoke fall protection solution for that sector.

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