22nd August 2017

Fall-Pac provide our customers with an effective means of protecting their workers from the risks that are associated with working at height. A significant number of accidents happen every year, resulting in injuries that are often severe and sometimes fatal. Our Fall-Pac units reduce the impact of a fall, frequently in circumstances where other types of fall protection system are either unavailable or less effective.

One of the key services that Fall-Pac offers its customers is a dedicated training programme. This training programme provides the training that is required for you and your employees to be fully aware of the risks of working at height and to make sure that our Fall-Pac units are properly installed so that they provide the level of protection that they are designed for.

Our training programmes include the following components:

  • The provision of coaching days for you and your employees from the initial point of purchase of one of our fall protection units.
  • Follow-up training days for new employees to ensure that they are kept up to date with any changes in relevant health and safety regulations.
  • Working at height training to ensure that you and your employees are armed with all the information that you require regarding recognising the risks associated with this type of work, how to remove or reduce them through the employment of fall protection and fall arrest systems and how to make safe decisions whenever work at height is undertaken.
  • Specific training on the use of our Fall-Pac soft fall protection units, including when their use is most appropriate and how to properly install the units. This training includes an introduction to our quick-click system for connecting our units and a comprehensive insight into the installation of the units on site.
  • The storage of our Fall-Pac units, with a view to ensuring that our customers get the best use from their units over their lifespan. With proper storage (and subject to normal use) it is expected that each Fall-Pac soft fall protection unit will last for a period of around five years.
  • How to properly maintain the units with a view to ensuring that the units are effective in providing the required fall protection and that the anticipated lifespan of five years is achieved.
  • Environmental awareness training, designed to show how your business can contribute to the well being of the environment through the use of our Fall-Pac units and to demonstrate how we are able to recycle your units once they have reached the end of their working lives.

Fall-Pac take their role in providing fall protection seriously and are clear in their view that this includes providing the required training to the users of their fall protection units to ensure that they are installed, maintained and stored correctly. We are always available to offer ongoing advice and instruction on working at height in general and the use of our units in particular. Our experienced technicians are only a phone call away for anyone who would like more information about our dedicated training programmes.

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