1st May 2017

At Fall-Pac, we are constantly striving to provide the most effective fall protection systems to our customers in a wide variety of industries and settings. To assist our customers in deciding whether to invest in one or more of our soft fall protection units, we set out below ten of the questions that are most frequently asked about the products that we provide.

Where can I access one of the units?

With two manufacturing sites and over forty four distribution centres throughout the United Kingdom, it is easy to access one of our fall protection units, ensuring easy inspection and delivery of our products as and when our customers require them. We also have overseas operations in Australia and New Zealand.

How safe are they?

We can confidently state that our systems are safe. We have been supplying fall protection units to a wide variety of industries for many years and continually seek to achieve the highest levels of safety, placing the welfare of our customers at the forefront of our minds.

Where can they be employed?

The beauty of our fall protection units is that they are suitable for all types of location. They are portable and easy to fit in the most challenging of work settings and can be employed where other types of fall protection or fall arrest systems are not available.

Do they meet industry and legal requirements?

Our fall protection units meet all relevant health and safety legislation and are also compliant with British Standard BS PAS59 2014.

Do you deliver?

We offer a complete delivery and installation service to your site, including advice from our experienced operatives. We offer our units on either a buy or hire basis, according to the specific needs of your business.

How easy are they to assemble?

Our units can be easily assembled using our straightforward one-click interlocking system. A complete installation can be achieved in only a matter of minutes with the minimum amount of prior instruction.

Do you offer training?

We offer a complete training package including instruction on working from heights, Fall-Pac unit storage tips, installation and storage training and advice on environmental awareness.

What are they made from?

Our soft fall protection units are made from the highest quality woven polypropylene. Added to the units are ultra violet inhibitors, which are designed to extend the unit’s natural life cycle.

Are they properly tested?

We carry out a rigorous, comprehensive, in-house testing process to ensure that our units comply with all existing industry and legal requirements. The safety of our units and the welfare of our customers are always at the forefront of our minds.

Are they environmentally friendly?

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and therefore offer a complete recycling service. Our service can be used on either a drop-off or collection basis and we can provide a replacement unit simultaneously, ensuring that your operation is not affected by a break in continuity.

Need advice about whether Fall-Pac could protect or train your workers?

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