In this article we take a look at the top 10 reasons why you need fall arrest bags on your building site.

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    So, Why Are Fall Arrest Bags Important On Any Building Site?

    Falls are the leading cause of construction workers’ deaths in the workplace. That’s a fact.

    Personal “Fall Arrest Bags” are part of the “Fall Arrest System”, commonly accepted as fall protection and fall prevention methods on building sites.

    Falls on construction sites is one of the “Fatal Four” causes of construction workers’ deaths. Workers’ safety in the workplace should be a top priority for employers and workers.

    Therefore, employers must adequately implement conscious and strategic safety protocols to mitigate potential hazards and threats on construction sites.

    Since the 2000s, OSHA and HSE inspectors have promoted more awareness about the significance of the fall arrest system as an effective method designed to reduce the risk of injuries to workers if and when they fall from heights, especially within a distance of 2.5 meters or more if possible.

    Also, the bags are known as “Soft Landing Bags” because they are either air-filled bags or enclosed with absorbent material, designed to act as a cushion and decrease the impact of force from a worker’s fall.

    As an employer, do not underestimate the benefits that your workers and construction project can derive from these bags.

    The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Fall Arrest Bags On Your Building Site:

    1. Fall arrest bags reduce risks and accidental falls.
    2. They provide an alternative to traditional fall protection methods.
    3. They are versatile and convenient.
    4. They are a good investment.
    5. They give your workers freedom.
    6. They help you minimize costs and losses.
    7. They boost your company’s reputation.
    8. They are suitable for insurance.
    9. They provide compliance.
    10. Fall arrest bags reduce risks and accidental falls.

    Fall Bags Are Recommended by HSE and OSHA

    Fall arrest bags are approved and recommended by HSE and OSHA as a safety measure to prevent falls and injuries sustained from falls at a height when working on construction sites.

    For additional information from HSE, read RR1145 – Evidence review of the effectiveness of soft landing systems for preventing injury from falls when working at height.

    Workers on construction sites are exposed to potential risks such as accidental falls due to various reasons such as poorly erected scaffold towers, carelessness, etc. The bags offer a cushion for a soft landing, thus minimizing the risk of a significant injury. Workers can use the bags alone, but it further decreases the risk of potential safety hazards when utilized in a fall arrest system.

    They provide an alternative to traditional fall protection methods.

    Over the years, most companies have shifted from traditional fall protection and fall prevention methods such as safety nets, birdcage scaffolding, and guardrail systems.

    They are more effective because they absorb the weight or impact, thus drastically reducing the health implications associated with a fall. The bags are mobile and can be easily transported to work areas on the construction site where traditional alternatives are not available.

    Fall Arrest Bags Are Versatile

    Fall arrest bags are a welcome development in the construction and building industry because they are versatile, making them suitable for different construction projects such as timber-framed projects, concrete buildings, traditional brick-built properties, etc.

    They meet the needs of housebuilders in the construction industry by preventing falls from the building onto the floor or falls through the floor joists and roof trusses.

    Fall Bags Are Convenient

    Soft landing bags are usually compact and blow up into a cushion when filled with air.

    Therefore, this makes them mobile and convenient to carry from one building site to another because they are much lighter when deflated, offering a less heavy option than other fall prevention methods. The bags are easy to assemble, with a quick installation time below 15 minutes.

    Also, two or more bags can be easily assembled and connected to cover a large surface area.

    Fall Bags Are A Good Investment

    Soft landing bags are durable, and their longevity can be extended if appropriately maintained over the years. They are usually made from durable solid materials and casing and filled with air or absorbent material.

    Also, the bags are flexible and portable, offering a cost-effective solution to safety hazards on building sites.

    Soft Landing Bags Give Your Workers Peace Of Mind

    Fall arrest bags assure your workers that they are safe and secured on the building site. This feeling of safety associated with positivity goes a long way in boosting their performance.

    Your workers would feel more comfortable because the safety measures you’ve added would give them greater freedom to efficiently handle building tools and construction equipment.

    Furthermore, if needed, they can work harness-free to complete their tasks with an added boost of confidence. This way, they can handle construction tools and building materials confidently.

    They help you minimize costs and losses.

    Compared to the amount you’ll spend on damages and production loss, these bags seem like the better option. When a worker experiences inquiries due to safety hazards on-site, it hinders the project’s execution and would make you spend more money while losing production time.

    However, soft-landing bags are an excellent preventive measure that reduces safety risks while helping you minimize costs and loss.

    Fall Bags Help To Boost Your Company’s Reputation

    As a responsible employer, the provision of safety equipment passes the message that you are concerned about your workers’ welfare and not solely focused on the execution of the building project. In the long run, this would demonstrate that your company is responsible and reputable in the construction industry.

    Fall Bags Help With Insurance Purposes

    Soft landing bags help to minimize the risks of fall accidents. Therefore, if a worker accidentally falls on the building site, the bags cushion the impact of the fall and significantly reduce the worker’s injuries.

    In return, this reduces the safety risks of significant compensations and other insurance payments. Also, it establishes an excellent basis to negotiate a reduction in your insurance premiums.

    Fall Bags Help You To Be Health And Safety Compliant

    Provision of fall arrest bags and other safety protocols would validate that you meet the current health and safety legislation required by employers.

    The bags are necessary to show that you are taking steps to mitigate safety risks on the construction site.

    Remember, injuries from falls are one of the leading causes of construction site fatalities. Hence, this article would have shared the top 10 reasons you need Fall Arrest Bags on your building site, with a significant drive to minimize hazards.

    Therefore, do not hesitate to purchase these soft-landing bags for your construction workers because fewer safety hazards and fatalities would eventually increase the execution of your construction project in the long run.

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