Our fall protection in the UK is the safest fall protection system on the market

Are you certain that you have enough protection in place for those who work at great heights? Do you want to have an extra layer of safety?

At Safety Pack Ltd we provide a range of health and safety solutions, and our most trusted piece of equipment is our fall arrest equipment

Our fall protection equipment is designed to protect those working from heights and are simple and easy to install. This fall pac unit is suitable for:

  • Haulage fall protection
  • Lorry fall protection
  • Trailer fall protection
  • Aerospace fall protection

Light weight for ease of transport and installation, this is a must-have for those who need that extra level of protection when working at heights.

With our team, you’ll benefit from our safety, efficiency and start-to-finish support. We’ll offer a price promise guarantee where we won’t just match a quote, we will beat it.

To request a quote to buy our fall pac, fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch. You can also request a quote to hire if this is a more suitable option for your business.

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