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Are you confident that you have enough protection in place for your team who work at great heights? Would you want to have an added layer of safety should an accident occur? 

Working at great heights and unusual angles requires a great degree of responsibility from both the employer and the individual. However, the anxiety and concern that frequently accompany it can be reduced if you have the necessary safety and health goods on hand. 

At Safety Pack we can help you if you want peace of mind and to be prepared for the worst-case situation

Our fall arrest bags are already inflated, whereas other businesses that inflate their air products on-site violate PAS-59. We are proud to state that all of our products comply with the most recent BSI PAS-59, and we take product testing very seriously. 

We are also one of the few companies that rent/hire on a weekly basis, and we give long-term rentals for those who require long-term use.

We guarantee the robustness of our testing by employing a specified mass as well as an industry-standard rescue dummy weighing 100 kg (to simulate a real person falling). We are pleased to be the only business in the UK with our own on-site in-house testing facility that is mirrored on UKAS, and having this facility allows us to thoroughly test our products monthly.

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