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    Fall-arrest Drop Testing

    Fall-pac fall protection is the most dependable in the industry…
    And our monthly tests are the proof

    Alongside conforming to the latest HSE regulations and British Standards PAS59 test, all our units are thoroughly tested in-house. Known as drop tests, we publish the results of these tests each month - so that you can be sure that every Fall-pac product offers the same standards that you rely on to keep you and your employees safe.

    Fallpac fall protection – Here’s how we put it to the test

    The drop test determines the deceleration value of a simulated person falling onto our modular fall landing bags. In accordance to British Standards PAS59:2014 edition 3, drop tests at the same height are required to show a maximum deceleration of less than 14g.

    We ensure our testing is robustly accurate by using an industry-standard rescue dummy, which weighs 100 kg (to simulate a real person falling). Attached to the dummy is a tri-axle accelerometer. This accelerometer measures the G-force of the impact onto the modular unit at the "X", "Y" and "Z" axis, the data measured is received by a computer and then recorded via graph analysis. We test at multiple heights up to a maximum of 6.5 m.

    Step into our testing facility

    Our testing area is 6.5-metres-high and purpose-built. For each test, numerous fall landing bags are placed into the test area, positioned adjacent to one another and strapped together using our unique interlocking one-click clips. This setup ensures that the units are compressed together, which would stop anything or anyone falling in between the units, and prevent displacement of a unit when impact occurs.

    With the units in place, the rescue dummy is dropped from the required height onto the units via a quick release hook. The attached accelerometer then records the deceleration on certain points of the dummy and sends the data to a computer. Here, we can inspect the data via graph analysis, with each axis shown in a different colour. This procedure is carried out 3 times (per test) from the same height to show consistency in results.

    Bespoke fall protection testing packages

    What if you want to go beyond the minimum fall protection measures? What if you’d like to implement a more stringent fall protection target for your business?
    Bespoke testing is the answer.

    Alongside our on-site training and inspection services, we are also the only UK Company to be able to offer bespoke testing packages. Our experienced team will guide you through the process – offering their insight into the best testing solution, with the tests undertaken at our Wigan headquarters.

    fall-pac testing area

    We proform different test every month

    TS2 (Fall Arrest Unit) drop test 210518

    TS2 Units Polystyrene Fill 2.5M X 1.8M X 1.3M 100KG anthropomorphic test dummy

    • Drop Test 1 X 9.15 Y 11.45 Z 10.00
    • Drop Test 2 X 0.75 Y 12.45 Z 7.80
    • Drop Test 3 X 4.60 Y 7.50 Z 0.87
    Fall-Pac March drop test 2018

    Fall-Pac Units Polystyrene Fill 2.5M X 0.644M DIA 100KG weight dropped with a triaxial accelerometer

    • Drop Test 1 X 6.35 Y 9.35 Z 7.90
    • Drop Test 2 X 7.70 Y 4.80 Z 7.70
    • Drop Test 3 X 1.15 Y 6.10 Z 7.10