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    No matter your industry, you’re under ever more pressure to meet environmental targets. With Fallpac fall protection, we handle the hard work on your behalf.

    We take the challenge of being environmentally friendly seriously. Which is why our recycling service makes it as convenient as possible for you to recycle your Fall-Pac unit once it’s reached the end of its life-cycle. Just call our team, and we’ll collect. Simple.

    Being 100% recyclable, the Fall-Pac range has been specifically designed to reduce its environmental impact. Each Fall-Pac unit is made using a high quality woven Polypropylene with added UV inhibitors that help extend its natural life-cycle.

    Fall-Pac units will typically last for up to five years but, as with any product, they can become damaged if subjected to lower levels of care. Whenever your product reaches the end of its life cycle, it’s reassuring to know that there’s an environmentally-friendly replacement service available directly from Fall-Pac.

    Fall landing bag drop off service

    The drop-off service is available for customers who can visit our Pemberton, Wigan headquarters. Simply contact one of our advisors to arrange a mutually convenient date and time. We can even arrange for a direct replacement of your units at the same time if required.

    Fall landing bag collection service

    Our collection service is a great way to replace like-for-like Fall-Pac units with minimal impact on your business. Depending on your location, we can arrange for your old units to be collected whilst delivering new products on the same drop. We'll even take care of recycling the old units on your behalf.

    Protect your workers from falls, while loving the planet.

    Our fall landing bag recycle service…

    1. Reduces your carbon footprint - Using Fall-Pac's recycling service helps your business to stay on track with its environmental targets.
    2. Reduces waste at landfill and incinerators - By choosing to recycle, landfill waste is reduced along with the demand on incinerators.
    3. Allows resources to be recycled - Materials within each old Fall-Pac can be recycled and the materials re-used.

    Reduce your carbon footprint

    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q:Where should the TS2 be used?

    A:The TS2 System was developed for the transport sector but has found many uses from protecting worker building film sets, under aeroplanes and helecopters, removing the fall heights from loading and unloading ships and also for loading and unloading wagons.

    Q: I use a competitors products which are now damaged can you help?

    A: Fall-Pac believes in helping the enviroment where ever possible this also means recycling not just ours but also our competitors products we recycle over 98% of the product to reduce landfill waste contact us for more information

    Q: Do you hire?

    A: You can hire our fall-pac units from 99p per unit per week, you can also hire our TS1 and TS2 systems as well