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    Fall-Pac Unit

    The most cost effective Fall-pac fall protection
    The Fall-Pac Unit it built for versatility and cross-industry safety

    Light weight for ease of transport and installation | install in a matter minutes | 1.61M2 Coverage (largest in market) | Delivery within 48 hours

    The Fall-Pac unit is built for speed of set up and complete protection from falls when working at 2.7 metres (or 3.4 metres when doubled up). The Fall-pac Unit offers both efficiency and safety. Weighing in at just 6 - 10 Kg, it is also easy to transport and position on-site (even where space is at a premium and ease of manoeuvrability is a must). Manufactured in the UK, the Fall-Pac Unit features a high-quality woven polypropylene outer casing with a protective coating – for serious durability and reduced risk of water ingress (even in the wettest of environments). Inside the Fall-pac unit is specialist polystyrene – which provides a reliably soft landing, should your workers fall from height.

    The perils of working at height (and the peace of mind of Fall-Pac protection)

    Your employees work at height – the riskiest environment there is. Each year falls from height lead to 43,000 employee injuries and 40 fatalities. It’s our job to ensure your workers never become a part of this statistic – a focus that requires two things – one: superior fall protection solutions, and two, rigorous product testing and development in our unique in-house testing facility in Wigan.

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    Safety, efficiency and start-to-finish support

    We understand the stringent rules and regulations that you must adhere to (and perhaps more importantly, the cost of getting them wrong). At best, non-compliance with health and safety could land you with a fine. At worst, it could lead to a death of an employee. This burden weighs heavily on your shoulders, yet the balance between safety and efficiency is a fine one – where safety preparations take too long project timescales can slip and costs can rise.

    Fall-pac fall protection gets the balance right, with products built for speed of set-up. Featuring simple, interlocking clips, Fall-pac units can be installed and ready-for-work within minutes.

    We’ll explain what you need, minus the jargon, and we’ll be there from start-to-finish with the expertise you require for peace of mind that you’re conforming to HSE Regulations.

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    Fall-Pac Fall Protection - Overview

    • Industry uses: Lorry fall protection | Haulage fall protection | Trailer fall protection | Aerospace fall protection
    • Ideal for: Space restricted areas/areas where manoeuvrability is key
    • Size: 2.5 m long x 0.644m in diameter – 1.61M2 Coverage
    • Weight 6-10 Kg
    • Install time: Minutes
    • Working height: 2.7M (can be doubled for drop height of 3.4m)
    • Available in: Air Pockets and Polystyrene Filled
    • Safety standards: HSE Regulations and British Standards PAS59 | Fire retardant (tested to BS5852 0+1, advanced fire-retardant unit available for an extra cost)
    • UV resistant
    • Recyclable

    Beyond Fall-Pac products: Working at height training and other services

    We work around you. If you need additional services, such as working at height training, on-site inspections, stillages or recycling, we’ve got you covered. Simply speak to our team about your needs.

    Buy or hire Fallpac fall protection

    Fall-Pac units are available to buy or hire, and will usually be delivered within 48 hours of ordering (although we always aim to reduce this where possible).

    Your industry, our fall protection

    Over the course of almost two decades, we’ve worked with an array of industry leaders spanning construction, aviation, aerospace, haulage, power stations and even the film industry. This has equipped our team with the depth of knowledge required to offer bespoke advice suited to your working space, industry and employees. Wherever there is a need for robust, unfailing fall protection, we have the solution (and the support) to suit.

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    The team behind Fallpac fall protection

    We’ve been protecting workers from falls since 2004. Combined, our team offer over 15 years of experience in advising and guiding businesses in protecting their working-at-height employees.

    About Fall-Pac

    Safety Pack Limited (trading as Fall-Pac) has two UK manufacturing sites and overseas operations in New Zealand and Australia. Our global presence and on-site testing and development facilities mean that we are rapidly gaining ground as the market-leader for Fall-Arrest Systems and solutions.

    Learn more about our history

    Covering 1.61M2 makes ours the largest in the market

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