Our fall protection equipment is popular with stuntmen

Being a stuntman in the film and TV industry comes with its risks, but it’s vital that they have all the correct steps put in place to protect them from harm. While most professions take precautions to eliminate or reduce the risk of falling, for a stuntman, falling from a great height is frequently part of the job, and measures to ‘prevent’ a fall may not be appropriate.

At Safety Pack we can help you stay compliant while also making your film or stunt studio a safe and compliant environment for your actors and stunt team

In the past we have worked on a range of TV and film sets, and the most commonly used type of fall protection used by stunt men is the inflatable stunt bag. Designed to cushion a stunt man against accidental and staged falls from heights, the bags are designed and constructed in a way to absorb the kinetic energy of the falling body to prevent the stunt man from sustaining serious injury.

The units do not reset after impact. Once a body had fallen onto the unit this needs to be taken out of service and tested to our criteria for application as per our web site information.

The units can also, allowing two or more stunt men to cushion their falls in quick succession. They are also extremely versatile, as they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used in even the most confined spaces.

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