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We recognise the dangers of working at a great height, which is why we provide our fall pac safety for assurance and peace of mind. Our fall arrest device is designed to keep someone from becoming another statistic in the event of an accident or fall.

At Safety Pack we are the only company in the UK who have our own on-site and in-house testing facility mirrored on UKAS, and having this facility means we test our products rigorously every month. 

We also use a specified mass and a 100 kg industry-standard rescue dummy to ensure that our testing is robustly accurate (to simulate a real person falling). Visit our YouTube channel to watch examples of what we do.

The specifications of our fall pac protection includes:

  • Weight- 6-10 Kg
  • Installed within minutes
  • Suitable for lorry fall protection, haulage fall protection, trailer fall protection and aerospace fall protection
  • Suited space restricted areas or areas where manoeuvrability is key
  • Size- 2.5m long x 0.644m in diameter – 1.61m2 CoverageHSE Regulations and British Standards PAS 59:2014
  • Fire retardant (tested to BS5852 0+1, advanced fire-retardant unit available for an extra cost)
  • UV resistant and recyclable

We have a price promise guarantee, which means we won’t just match a quote, but we will beat it. If you’d want to hire our fall arrest system, you can request a quote to hire here.

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