Safety Pack: Your Trusted Partner for Fall Arrest Bags on Hire

When it comes to safety, there’s no room for compromise. At Safety Pack, safety isn’t just a priority – it’s our core commitment. We specialise in providing top-notch fall arrest bags for hire, offering an additional layer of security for those working at heights. Here’s how we stand out in ensuring your safety:

Rigorous Testing for Unparalleled Safety

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our state-of-the-art on-site testing facility mirrors UKAS standards and undergoes monthly assessments. In these tests, we recreate real-life scenarios using both a specified mass and an industry-standard rescue dummy weighing 100 kg. This meticulous testing process ensures that our fall protection equipment not only meets but exceeds the highest safety standards. When you choose Safety Pack, you can trust that your safety is in capable hands.

Witness Our Commitment on YouTube

We’re proud of our rigorous testing process, and we invite you to see it in action. Visit our YouTube channel to get a first-hand look at how we go the extra mile to ensure your safety. We believe in transparency and want you to have complete confidence in the equipment you use.

Compliant with BSI PAS59 Standards

Our commitment to safety goes beyond words. All our air products, including our fall arrest bags, comply with the latest BSI PAS59 standards. This ensures that you not only meet regulatory requirements but also avoid potential breaches that can lead to serious consequences. Your team’s safety is our top priority, and we leave no room for compromise.

Peace of Mind, Every Step of the Way

We understand the importance of peace of mind, especially in situations where safety is paramount. Our range of safety and health products is designed to alleviate stress and worry, allowing you to focus on your work. With our fall protection equipment for hire, you’ll always be prepared for unexpected incidents, creating a secure working environment that you and your team can rely on.

When you choose Safety Pack, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to ensuring your safety at all times. Our fall arrest bags are just one example of our commitment to providing top-tier safety solutions. Trust us to have your back when it matters most, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in safe hands.

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