Invest in our soft landing safety equipment for your staff

If your team are required to work from a great height, then it’s vital that you have the right equipment to make sure they are safe, protected and prepared in case anything goes wrong. Whilst you may take every possible precaution, having an extra layer of protection can make the world of difference.

At Safety Pack Ltd we have been working on our soft landing safety equipment since we started back in 2004. Featuring interlocking clips, our soft landing safety equipment can be installed and ready-for-work within minutes so you can get on with the task at hand.

As well as our Fall-Pac’s being fully recyclable, we have put a great deal of effort behind scientific research so we can develop solutions that you can depend on.

Every component has been rigorously tested so they can withstand the toughest of environments, meaning you can be assured of their ability to perform in the event of an accident. By investing in our soft landing safety equipment, you can have peace of mind knowing that should something happen, your guys will land safely.

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