When your team needs to work at significant heights, ensuring their safety and readiness for any unexpected incidents is paramount. While taking essential precautions is crucial, an added layer of protection can make a substantial difference.

At Safety Pack, we take pride in offering fall arrest bags for hire, but what sets us from the rest?

To start with, all our air products come pre-inflated, and they meet the latest BSI PAS59 standards. It’s worth noting that companies providing air products that require on-site inflation are not compliant with PAS-59 regulations, a concern you can avoid by selecting our services. Furthermore, we are one of the few companies offering both short-term and long-term rental options.

We also stand as the only company in the UK with an in-house testing facility, designed to meet UKAS standards. This facility enables us to rigorously test our products every month, and we take great pride in this distinctive feature.

Our testing procedures hold utmost importance, involving the use of a specified weight and an industry-standard rescue dummy weighing 100 kg (to replicate a real person falling). You can witness our testing process first-hand by watching our YouTube video.

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