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When your employees work from a great height, there can be a great cause for concern about their overall safety. Whilst you may have all the right training and measures in place, it’s important to plan for the event of a fall so you’re prepared for the worst case scenario.

At Safety Pack we offer a range of fall protection equipment options depending on your industry and requirements:
TS1 UnitThis is the most compact solution for the transportation industry.

TS2 UnitThis is a larger version of the TS1 that is appropriate for lorry, haulage, and trailer fall protection. It can also be utilised in the shipping industry to keep workers from falling into ship hulls during loading and unloading. 

Fall Arrest StillageIdeal for businesses that need that extra level of security when working at heights. 

Fall-Pac UnitThis is our most popular and cost-effective fall-pac protection option. This is suitable for a wide range of sectors and requirements, and it can be installed fast and supplied in 48 hours.

Fall-Pac Air– This unit has independent air pockets, is lightweight for simple transport, and can be installed in minutes.

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