Did you know that you can hire our fall arrest bags on a weekly basis?

This not only ensures that you’re keeping your workers safe, but you can have our services on a flexible basis. Whatever industry you’re in, you can benefit from our affordable, flexible and professional fall arrest bag hire. 

At Safety Pack we are proud to be one of the few companies who offer fall arrest bags for hire, but what makes us different? 

Well, firstly, and quite importantly, our fall arrest bags are already inflated, whereas other companies who inflate their air products on site means they are in breach of PAS-59. We’re proud to say that all our products conform to the latest BSI PAS-59, and we take the testing of our products incredibly seriously.

We are the only company in the UK who have our own on-site and in-house testing facility mirrored on UKAS, and having this facility means we test our products rigorously every month. 

We also ensure that our testing is robustly accurate by using a specified mass as well as an industry-standard rescue dummy, which weighs 100 kg (to simulate a real person falling). If you want to see us in action, check out our YouTube videos

For further clarity, we can confirm:

  1. Inflated products do not conform to PAS-59* 
  2. Over inflation, by over inflating the product this has the potential to cause serious injury to the individual  
  3. Under inflation, by under inflating the product this again has serious implications for potential injury to the individual.
  4. Caledonian university conducted research into fall arrest, it was determined that a air flow of 0.0872 kpa was the optimum.
  5. Air inflation products have a input of 5.4 kpa.
  6. Incorrect inflation causes major issues
  7. No mechanism on the units are employed to determine what operating pressure is currently used.

To get a quote on hiring our fall arrest bags, follow the steps on our website today for a quote. 

* This PAS includes performance requirements and related test methods, requirements for conformity marking and for the provision of installation and usage instructions. This PAS is not applicable to air/gas filled systems that are designed to be inflated/deflated on site or to those that have individual cell volume greater than 0.5% of the volume of the module in which they are inserted.

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