How Can Our Fall Arrest Bags For Hire Help You?

If your team needs to work at a considerable height, it is crucial to ensure their safety, protection, and readiness for any untoward incidents. While taking necessary precautions is essential, an additional layer of protection can make a significant difference.

At Safety Pack, we take pride in providing safety bags for hire , but what sets us apart from others?

Firstly, we inflate all our air products beforehand, and our products adhere to the latest BSI PAS59 standards. It’s worth noting that companies that offer air products that need to be inflated on site are violating PAS-59 regulations, which can be avoided by choosing us. Additionally, we are among the few companies that offer both short-term and long-term rental options.

We are also the sole company in the UK that has an in-house testing facility, modelled after UKAS standards. Our testing facility allows us to test our products every month, and we take pride in this unique feature.

Our testing procedures are of utmost importance, and we utilize a designated weight and an industry-standard rescue dummy weighing 100 kg (95th percentile anthropomorphic dummy ). You can witness our testing process in action by checking out our YouTube video.

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