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If your team are required to work from a considerable height, you should ensure that they are safe, protected, and prepared in the event that something goes wrong. While you may take every precaution possible, having an extra layer of protection can make all the difference.

At Safety Pack we are proud to offer safety bags for hire, but what makes us different from the rest?

Firstly, we’re proud to say that our air products are already inflated, and all our products conform to the latest BSI PAS59. It’s important to note that companies who have air products that can be inflated on site are in breach on PAS-59, something which can be avoided when you choose us. We are also proud to be one of a few companies who rent/hire on a weekly basis, as well as long rental. 

We’re also equally proud to be the only company in the UK who have our own on-site, in-house testing facility mirrored on UKAS, and having this facility means we test our products each month. 

We take our testing incredibly seriously by using a specified mass as well as an industry-standard rescue dummy which weighs 100 kg (to simulate a real person falling). To see our testing in action, see our YouTube video

To get a quote on hiring our fall arrest bags, follow the steps on our website today for a quote. 

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