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    Soft Landing Equipment

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    Having a team that work from great heights means that you need to invest in the right safety measures should anything happen. At Safety Pack Ltd we offer a range of fall arrest systems that we believe are the safest available.

    Amongst all the reasons to invest in our soft landing equipment, here are just some benefits

    • Scientifically researched & highly developed solutions
    • On-site training & inspections
    • Conforms to latest BSI PAS59:2014 standards
    • Fully recycled by Fall-Pac after use
    • Tailored solutions for specific industry needs

    We also offer a range of other services

    In addition to our soft landing equipment, we specialise in a range of services such as:

    • Fall training
    • Recycling
    • On-site inspections
    • Testing
    • Inter-site management

    Whatever you need from our team, we are certain that we can deliver the results you need for your business so your staff can operate safely at all times.

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