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    Polystrene Fall Arrest bags by fall-pac

    Fall-Pac’s polystyrene-filled units offer the perfect solution to a range of soft fall protection requirements.

    Researched, scientifically developed and patented by our own team since 2004, each fall arrest bag contains 60,000 polystyrene chips to produce a robust product that’s larger than others on the market, meaning our customers need fewer bags to cover the same area.

    Polystyrene fall arrest bags from Fall-Pac will provide protection for anyone working at heights up to 2.7 metres. An additional second layer of units protects those working at heights of up to 3.5 metres.


    Fall-Pac products are manufactured in the UK using the highest-quality components to a design and specification backed by fall-arrest science.

    We undertake thorough drop-tests once per month at our own in-house testing facility to ensure that our products continue to deliver the highest safety standards in the industry.

    All Fall-Pac products are fire-retardant, tested to BS5852 0+1, including fire safety standards for construction sites.

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    Polystyrene Features

    • Insoluble
    • Odourless
    • Recyclable
    • Non-irritant

    Each unit contains approx. 60,000 polystrene chips

    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q: Are the units waterproof?

    A: Yes, the units are waterproof.

    Q: How long do the units last?

    A: With good housekeeping and yearly inspections, the units are built to last around 5 years.

    Q: Do you offer trials?

    A: We can offer hire, usually for 4 weeks as a trial and if the product suits the job well, we would collect the hire and replace with the new units.