• Top 10 Reasons to Use Fall-Pac Bags

    7th August 2017

    Fall-Pac bags are a versatile and innovative means of providing fall protection for those who are working from height. Here are the top ten reasons for investing in Fall-Pac’s soft fall protection system.

    1.They protect the safety of your workforce

    All responsible employers will want to do everything reasonably possible to protect their workers from harm. If your business involves working from height, this means that you will want to protect your workers from the consequences of a fall. Not only will this keep your workforce safe, it will also demonstrate to them that you are an employer who takes their safety seriously.

    2.They provide compliance with health and safety legislation

    Current health and safety legislation requires employers to take steps to protect their employees from risk. This means that, if working from height is unavoidable, some form of fall prevention, fall arrest or fall protection system should be in place. Fall-Pac’s units provide such protection by cushioning any falls that may occur.

    3.They may keep your insurance premiums down,/h2>

    Using Fall-Pac’s bags removes or reduces the risk of serious harm to a worker who falls from a height. This reduces the risk of your insurers having to make what may be significant compensation payments and may be a basis for negotiating a reduction in your premiums.

    4.They are versatile

    One of the characteristics that make Fall-Pac fall protection units so popular is their versatility. They are easily transported and located in areas of work where alternative forms of fall protection might not be available

    5.They are durable

    Fall-Pac bags are made from hard wearing, durable materials, including a top quality woven polypropylene casing, which has inbuilt ultra violet inhibitors and is coated to minimise the risk of water infiltration.

    6.They are easy to assemble

    There are easily assembled and two or more bags can be easily connected to provide an increased area of fall protection.

    7.They are easy to store

    Fall-Pac provide stillage equipment, which has been designed with the specific intention of providing maximum protection for your Fall-Pac bags. Using this means of storage gives the unit an average lifespan of five years, saving you money, and can also be used for the transportation of the units, saving you valuable time.

    8.They are easy to transport

    It is easy to transport our Fall-Pac bags to and from sites and within sites where there is more than one area where work at height is being undertaken.

    9.Fall-Pac offer a comprehensive programme of training, instruction and support

    Although the units are relatively easy to use, Fall-Pac offer a dedicated programme of instruction and coaching, covering all aspects of assembly, maintenance and storage. This support commences as soon as one of their units is purchased and continues whilst the units are being used, including after sales advice

    10.They are environmentally friendly

    When a Fall-Pac bag reaches the end of its life, Fall-Pac offer a recycling service, providing a direct replacement which reduces the impact that using their units have on the environment.

    Fall-Pac bags offer a truly versatile, affordable, environmentally friendly way of protecting workers in all industries from the consequences of a fall from height, often in circumstances where no other fall protection systems are available.