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    Fall-arrest Unit Drop Test

    In addition to conforming to the latest HSE regulations and British Standards PAS59 test, all of our units are thoroughly tested in-house (drop tests) with the results published each and every month so that you can be sure all of our products offer the same exact standards that you an rely on to keep you and your employees safe.

    The drop tests are to determine the deceleration value of a simulated person falling onto our modular fall arrest units. In accordance to British Standards PAS59:2014 edition 3 drop tests at the same height are required showing a maximum deceleration of less than 14g.

    To ensure our testing is accurate we use a rescue dummy (extensively used throughout the industry) weighing 100 kg (to simulate a real person falling), with a tri-axle accelerometer attached. The accelerometer measures the G-force of the impact onto the modular unit at the "X", "Y" and "Z" axis, the data measured is received by a computer and then recorded via graph analysis. We test at multiple heights with a maximum of 6.5 m.

    The testing area is a 6.5 m high purpose build facility constrained on three sides by a partition wall enclosure. For each of the tests carried out, our modular units are placed into the test area where the modular units are strapped together (adjacent) with our unique interlocking one-click clips, this ensures the units are compressed together stopping anything or anyone falling in between the units, this also prevents displacement of a unit when impact occurs.

    Once the units are in place, the rescue dummy is dropped from the required height onto the units via a quick release hook, the accelerometer attached then records the deceleration on certain points of the dummy and sends the data to a computer. Data is shown via graph analysis with each axis in a different colour. This procedure is carried out 3 times (per test) from the same height to show consistency in results.

    Alongside our on-site training and inspection services, we are also the only UK Company to be able to offer bespoke testing packages for clients at our Wigan headquarters. Our experienced team are on hand to offer advice on the best testing packages; whether you are willing to go beyond the duty of your care to your employees or implement a more stringent soft fall arrest target for your business, our advisors can provide you with a suitable solution.

    We proform different test every month

    Fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

    Q: How much do they weigh?

    A:Each Fall-Pac unit weighs just 6-10kg for easier maneuverability fall-pac air weight 3-6kg, the TS1 weighs approx 30kg and the TS2 weighs approx 60kg.

    Q: Are polystrene units illegal due to fire risk?

    A: No our polystrene units have been tested and passed BS5852 0 and 1 as standard also crib 5 with additional spray (please contact us for more information)

    Q: How long till I get my units ?

    A: Fall-pac aims for a 48 hour despatch from point of order