• air pocket fall arrest bags


    Fall-Pac’s air-pocket filled units offer a new, cost-effective and reliable solution for fall protection.

    Researched and scientifically developed to a unique specification by our own team, Fallpac landing bags contain a specific quantity of individual air pockets to produce a reliably robust product that’s larger than others on the market. For you, this means that you’ll require fewer bags to cover the area you need to.

    Air-pocket fall landing bags from Fall-Pac will provide protection for anyone working at heights of up to 2.7 metres. An additional second layer of units protects those working at heights of up to 3.4 metres.

    Safety, efficiency and start-to-finish support

    Our air pocket fall arrest system delivers consistently reliable safety, without the burden of extra responsibility for the site operator. As this is not an inflatable product, and the bags are supplied ready-filled with a monitored and controlled number of air pockets, every Fall-Pac air-pocket system provides the same level of fall protection.

    Extract from BSI specification for PAS59:2014:

    Your site operators will be free from the responsibility of inflating the fall landing bag to the correct pressure level. Not only does this make site management simpler, but it also makes it safer, while meeting your health and safety obligations.

    Buy or hire Fallpac fall protection

    Fall-Pac’s air-pocket system is fully supplied and maintained by our team, developed and tested to provide the most robust protection for your workers. Available to buy or hire, our air pocket fall landing bags are ready to be put to work – either permanently or temporarily.

    Fall Arrest units in stillage

    Air Pocket Features

    • Solid Polymer Film
    • Sealed For Life
    • Transparent
    • Non-irritant

    Fall-Pac Air is a lightweight solution

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